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The Importance of Teaching Civics

For over 40 years, I taught the principles of American Democracy in high school classrooms. Today the Wisconsin Legislature is considering a bill to require civics education to graduate from high school.

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Struggling For Tax Fairness

Since the founding of our nation, elected officials have struggled with how to fairly assess taxes in a way that encourages hard work and economic success, but does not burden those who can no longer earn an income.

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Why I Voted for the State Budget

Overall, I believe this is a good budget that will help the people I represent. The budget provides more money than previous budgets to fix deteriorating local and county roads. It delivers a $2.6 billion income tax break over the biennium.

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A Better Way of Serving Justice

Of all your tax dollars that Wisconsin collects, 7 percent go to locking up offenders. By comparison, 6 percent of your tax dollars go to the University of Wisconsin System. Do we really want to spend more money on prisons than on universities? My answer is no.

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