Harassment of Sports Officials

Last session I introduced a bill to create a new penalty for harassment of sports officials. As a long-time coach and umpire, I am very familiar with the problem, which …

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Sound Tax Policy

During debate on legislation to implement a sales tax holiday, I spoke about the fact that sales tax holidays have traditionally done little to boost the economy. Families of low- …

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Holocaust Remembrance

The Assembly passed legislation relating to the teaching of genocides and the Holocaust in schools. I gave brief remarks on the necessity that students understand the origins of genocidal policies.

Power Struggles

In my remarks, I talked about how this should not be a power struggle between the legislative branch and the executive branch. We should all be able to use these …

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Protecting Our Places of Worship

The Assembly recently took up legislation relating to closing places of worship to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I know that this is a very sensitive issue for many people …

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