No One Works Harder than Don Vruwink

Photo by Kim McDarison, Fort Atkinson Online

Excerpt from Fort Atkinson Online 8-23-22

Gov. Tony Evers addressed a roomful of exuberant supporters Monday evening at the Cafe Carpe, Fort Atkinson. The campaign stop followed one made Monday afternoon in West Allis. 


At the podium, Evers thanked those in attendance for their support. 

He also praised campaigning efforts made by State Rep. Don Vruwink, who was among those in attendance, saying: “I have to have a huge, huge shoutout for Don Vruwink. There’s no-one, including myself, I think, that works harder to get elected than Don Vruwink … I just love his energy and his common sense.” 

Evers cited Vruwink as among his inspirations for bringing common sense and Wisconsin values to the governor’s office. 

“So I’m proud to say that Don and I are a lot alike. He works very hard, but also, … he works harder than me. At the end of the day, that common sense is what drove us as an administration over the last three and a half years,” Evers said. 

Pointing to his administration’s accomplishments, Evers said: “People should be proud of what we’ve accomplished with Don and others.


McDarison, Kim. “Evers Makes Campaign Stop in Fort.” Fort Atkinson Online, 23 Aug. 2022, Accessed 18 Sept. 2022.

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