Vruwink a proven representative

Dear Editor:

I support Don Vruwink for Assembly in the 33rd District.

Don has served three terms in the Assembly from the 43rd District. Recent redistricting now has him in the 33rd District.

Don has canvassed the City of Jefferson this past summer in an effort to get to know his new constituents; I appreciate the effort.

Don has refused to go negative against his opponent, a refreshing change from many other candidates.

As Don has in the 43rd District, he knows well how rural the 33rd District is. He has had great support from farmers in the past and will continue to support them in the future.

Per his website, https://donvruwinkfor assembly.com, Don believes legislative districts that are more balanced between Democrat and Republican voters will require candidates to be more sensitive to all their constituents. He understands that legislators in Madison serve all people in their districts, not just those of the same political party, since legislation affects all Wisconsinites.

Please vote for Don Vruwink for Assembly on Nov. 8, I certainly will.

Margaret Krolikowski



Daily Jefferson County Union, and Margaret Krolikowski. “Vruwink a Proven Representative | Opinion | Dailyunion.Com.” Daily Jefferson County Union, 16 Sept. 2022, https://www.dailyunion.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/vruwink-a-proven-representative/article_9a081902-35e6-11ed-afb9-2ba389df5ed5.html.

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