Why I’m Running

I’m running for re-election to continue to be a champion for children, families, workers, farmers, and small business people who work hard to achieve the American Dream.

I represent communities north and west of Janesville, including Whitewater, Milton, Edgerton, and part of the Village of Oregon.

As I go door to door, and to cafes, picnics and community celebrations, the recurring theme I hear is that people care deeply about the well-being of their families and communities. They are especially concerned about financial security.

I’m running for the high school students I taught who are now starting their own families and are worried about their children’s future. When I first started teaching in the early 1970s, teachers were highly regarded locally and in the Legislature. Sadly, we are in a period where the majority party enacts laws that devalue public schools, colleges, and universities.

I’m running to keep our best and brightest graduates in Wisconsin. We’ve long bemoaned the brain drain here, in which we spend a lot of tax dollars to educate our children from pre-school to graduate school, only to see them take jobs out of state.

I’m running to stop rolling back laws that protect our lakes, rivers, streams, land, air and soil. We need to restore the authority of local governments to enact ordinances to protect the public health and safety of their communities.

I’m running to continue the fight for workers in both the public and private sectors. Every worker deserves respect, fair pay, and decent working conditions. With work comes the ability to support one’s self and family. With work comes dignity.

I plan to re-introduce legislation to expand our high-speed Internet infrastructure so that students, small businesses, and manufacturers in rural areas have the same advantages as those in urban and suburban areas.

There is a lot to accomplish, and I’m energized to continue my work for the good people of the 43rd Assembly District.

Thanks for your support,

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